Tres Picos Garnacha by Borsao


  • Grape : Garnacha
  • Country : Spain, Campo de Borja
  • Type : Red
  • ABV : 15.5 %

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Product Description

Tasting notes: Tres Picos Garnacha

Tres Picos Garnacha has an intense bouquet of mature red fruits with floral notes, typical of the best Garnacha. The palate is rich and well-structured with masses of bramble and ripe strawberry fruit and warm vanilla and liquorice spice. Tannins are supple but evident and the finish is big, generous and long.


Food match:

Roast or grilled red meats

Producer & Region:

Grapes are sourced from over 375 member growers covering 2,400 hectares. Nearly a third of the region’s total. Vineyards lie in the undulating foothills of the Moncayo mountain. Ranging from around 350m to 800m above sea level. At lower altitudes vines are younger and may require some irrigation, but higher up the slopes the vines are older, unirrigated bush vines.

The climate is rather severe and arid, with hot dry days, and cool nights. Which allow optimum acidity levels to be maintained within the grapes. Garnacha thrives in these conditions and represents 65% of total production. Cierzo wind from the Moncayo sweeps across the foothills of the mountain. This cold, dry wind reduces humidity levels and allows grapes to be picked a couple of weeks later in the harvest, at full maturity.

With 2,400 hectares of vineyards, Bodegas Borsao is a substantially sized operation in a warm, dry region and as a result the availability and usage of water is a major issue. Much of its vineyard area is planted with Garnacha which traditionally has been bush trained. Until recently, newer plantings were wire trained for easier harvesting, but because of the greater exposure to sunlight of this training method the vines can require up to 50% more water. As a result, all new plantings have reverted to the traditional style of bush training to preserve water.


The new cellar is well insulated to reduce the need for cooling systems and to minimise energy consumption; all the chambers are equipped with automatic LED lighting; all of the bottling lines have been designed to reduce noise and to minimise the need to move dry goods and floor stock items; all hot water installations are solar powered; the greater part of the electricity used for illumination is produced by solar panels; and every single drop of rain water from the vast roof is collected and recycled. Planned new offices will also be equipped with solar panels and other energy saving mechanisms. To meet the producer visit:

Since 2020 Borsao have held Eco-Prowine certification which measures and evaluates the impact of their operations and use of eco-innovative technologies to reduce their water, energy and economic footprints, and impact on the air water and soil of the environment. Re-certification also stipulates continuous improvement in these areas.

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