Toscana Bianco Sangiovese


  • Grape: Sangiovese
  • Country : Italy, Tuscany
  • Type : White
  • ABV : 12.5%

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Product Description

Tasting notes : Toscana Bianco Sangiovese

Toscana Bianco Sangiovese. Brightly and clearly straw yellow colour. A fresh sour cherry, orange blossom and broom enhance the aromatic complexity of this wine. While hints of quince linger in the background. Therefore rich on the palate and on its minerality, pleasantly fresh, harmonic and slightly savoury.

Food Match :

Fabulous with chicken kebabs marinated in lemon and olive oil

Region/Producer :

Based at the foot of mount Cetona in a region- the Tuscan area. Which is as generous as it is beautiful, renowned worldwide for its excellent grapes. Even today their work is inspired by their past, supported by the story they carry on their shoulders. By a heritage that every day encourages them to overcome hurdles. To increase the quality standard of a production process which is tradition rooted but always designed and carried out as a function of innovation.

Passion and ambition are two of the most important guiding principles in their company culture, this is probably the reason why one of their priorities is to expand constantly their strategic goals even by crossing regional borders looking for new excellence to offer consumers.

Barbanera is today an ethically and technologically advanced company, a conscious productive reality. Proud of the high level reached by its products, proud of the value and passion of workers and employees always aiming at getting better results. And proud of the special care and attention for their many clients whom, over the years, have prized us with their loyalty.