pHure Blackberry And Apple


  • Country : Conwy Wales
  • Type : Gin
  • Size : 70cl
  • ABV : 37.5%

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Product Description

Tasting Notes: pHure Blackberry And Apple

pHure blackberry and apple gin was made as a one-off 20 l batch by steeping pHure gin with blackberries and apples until all of their natural flavours and colours have been extracted, then carefully filtered, analysed and bottled. Once it is all sold there will be no more until next autumn.

pHure do not add any additional sugar or sweeteners, artificial flavours or colours.


At pHure they take an environmentally friendly approach to the production of their products. They have installed solar panels to generate the electricity to run their still. The heat generated in cooling the distillate is used for warming the distillery. All of their ingredients are sourced from sustainable sources and composted after use. They try and ensure that all of their packaging is recyclable. Wherever possible made from recycled material. For instance they also reuse packaging in which goods are sent to them.

pHure Conwy gin is made in a 58 l batch from 96 % organic wheat grain alcohol. This is obtained by distillation from an organic wheat grain mash. It is then diluted with soft filtered Welsh water and used to extract juniper berries. Along with eight other complimentary botanicals before distillation at reduced pressure. Produce in Conwy, to give our exceptionally smooth pHure Conwy gin. The distillation at reduced pressure gives us our unique flavour profile. This is also kind to the environment as less energy is used in the distillation process.

pHure Liquors is a small spirit making company. It is run by three scientists who have complimentary experiences in natural product extraction and identification. Drug discovery; chemical synthesis; analysis; and business commercialisation. Therefore they have used their past experiences to develop a flagship gin and a range of other spirit-based drinks.

The directors live in different parts of the country so the company operates at three locations. Manufacture and distribution from Conwy and Brighouse and the scientific development centre in Durham. The company is aware of its position in the communities they serve and are proud to have co-sponsored a number of charity events.