Paparuda Feteasca Regala White


  • Grape : Feteasca Regala
  • Country : Romania
  • Type : White
  • ABV : 12%

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Product Description

Tasting notes: Paparuda Feteasca Regala White

Paparuda Feteasca Regala White. A great everyday bottle, notes of crisp apple and pear fruit. With a hint of grapefruit on the light, juicy and vibrant palate.

Food match:

An ideal accompaniment to fish, poultry and salads.


Legend has it that the Banat region of Romania was where Bacchus, the god of wine, spent his childhood. Certainly the first records of viticulture date back to the Roman Empire when it invaded and annexed the central part of Dacia in 106 AD. The region west of Romania, surrounding the city of Timisoara, is the home of the multi award winning Recaş.

The vineyard areas and wine region have both benefited from centuries of influence from Hungarian, Bavarian and Austrian immigrants. All laying claim to have influenced the present day viticulture. Recaş is now a 1200ha modern day winery, exporting to both Europe and the Americas. It has a Mediterranean climate, cooler than the rest of Romania, and dryer with a longer harvest season, allowing many varieties to ripen easily.

The Paparuda wines are an excellent choice for value for money with added interest! The Feteasca Regala grape is an old Eastern European variety, which produces aromatic wines in a similar style to a Gewürztraminer or a dry Muscat.

Made at the new ‘State of the Art’ winery built in early 2000, the grapes for this delicious perfumed white wine are picked using the latest machines which avoid bruising the fruit or damaging the vine in any way. The grapes are pressed and the juice pumped into large steel tanks where the long ferment takes place under sterile, temperature controlled conditions, with the aim to preserve the natural fruit characters and freshness of the Feteasca grape. Aged in tank and bottled young in small batches throughout the year, with minimal sulphur used. Tis wine, like all others from the Cremele Recas winery, is vegan friendly since 2019.