Pannonhalma Abbey Tricollis Dry White 2018


  • Grape : Welshriesling, Rheinriesling,Gewurztraminer, Pinot Blanc
  • Country : Hungary, Pannonhalma
  • Type : White
  • ABV : 13%

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Tasting notes: Pannonhalma Abbey Tricollis Dry White

This wine delivers the fresh & crispy flavours of early summer fruits with its floral aromas during its first months after bottling while exhibits the deeper character of the Riesling varieties for the following months & years.

Food Pairing: Pannonhalma Abbey Tricollis Dry White

Perfect party wine, great with or without food. White meats & vegetable dishes.


The Benedictine Archabbey of Pannonhalma has been making wines on the Sacred Mount of Pannonhalma since 996AD when Roman settlers first introduced viticulture/viniculture. The Abbey & it’s stunning natural environment is a World Heritage Unesco site. In 2000 in partnership with MKB Bank the winery was rebuilt with state of the art technology within the mountain.

Through the centuries, the life of the monks was closely connected with grapes and wine. Confiscation, following World War II destroyed the monastic viticulture that prospered for nearly a thousand years.

The Abbey of Pannonhalma and the Hungarian Foreign Trade Bank were determined to unite in reviving this essential part of Hungary’s national culture. Revival of the monastic viticultural tradition began with planting new grape-vines after re-purchasing some of the former properties of the Archabbey. Continued revival efforts resulted in a new winery and wine house.

The Abbey Winery has been open to visitors since March 2004.

Following a short walk, the local guide guides visitors through the Winery (press house and wine house) while detailing history and wine-making process. Guests are warmly invited to tutored wine tastings as well.