Cabaret Frank (Organic)

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  • Grape : Cabernet Franc
  • Country : USA
  • Type : Red
  • ABV : 14.5%

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Tasting notes

Bright notes of juicy red fruits are complimented by blackcurrant leaf notes so typical of Cabernet Franc. Smooth, medium bodied and easy drinking wine that strikes a lovely balance with its blackberry, plum and dark cherry fruit characters coupled with classic varietal leafy tones. The story and overall package may be light-hearted, but the wine inside is as ever, seriously good!

Food match

This is a food wine that really lends itself to vegetarian dishes. Try it with grilled eggplant or zucchini, or with meals containing green peppers (capsicums), cabbage, or herbs (particularly sage, thyme,rosemary or saffron). A versatile wine that is also fantastic with tomato based dishes; lighter meats
such as turkey or chicken, along with game meats like duck & richer beef based dishes like steak or veal.