High Side Malbec


  • Grape : Malbec
  • Country : Argentina
  • Type : Red
  • ABV : 14%

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Product Description

Tasting notes: High Side Malbec

High Side Malbec is soft and velvety with an intense hit of ripe blackberries and dark plum on the palate. In addition to notes of dark chocolate and a slight touch of black pepper. However, it also benefits from a long and satisfying finish – John Clarke, the Independent.

Food match:

Pair with beef, lamb or poultry.


High Altitude, Single Vineyard. This single vineyard Malbec is from a farm located in an area bordering the Cordillero of Los Andes Mountains, Calingasta. In fact it is just west of the San Juan province of Argentina. It is located 1650 metres above sea level, located on the slope of the Cordillero de Los Andes and is crossed along its entire eastern margin by the Los Patos River.

For instance, the water with which these cultivated valleys are irrigated come exclusively from the completely pure snow thaw of the Andes Mountains. In other words due to the sun exposure, the great thermal amplitude and the height (it is the highest cultivated area with vines in San Juan and one of the highest in Argentina) the grapes are developed with a high concentration of aroma and big body.


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