Graham’s Six Grapes Reserve Port




  • Grape : Touriga Nacional, Touriga Francesa, Tinta Roriz, Tinta Barocca
  • Country : Portugal
  • Type : Port
  • ABV : 20%

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Product Description

Tasting notes: Graham’s Six Grapes Reserve Port

Dark red colour, with a seductive rich perfume of ripe plums and cherries. On the palate, complex, with a good structure and a long lingering finish.

Food Match:

Graham’s Six Grapes is delicious served at the end of a meal and pairs perfectly with dark chocolate based deserts or mature cheeses.


Founded in 1820 by William and John Graham in Portugal’s Douro Valley, for two centuries Graham’s has cultivated its reputation as one of the greatest names in Port. The quality of Graham’s Port relies on the finest grapes, primarily sourced from four
iconic quintas in the Douro Valley.

The Six Grapes symbol originated in the nineteenth century. Following each harvest, Graham’s winemakers would mark each barrel of port using grape symbols to rate the quality of the wine from one to six. The image of six grapes on a barrel meant the wine inside had Vintage Port potential. It indicated complexity, structure, and balance. By the early 1900’s, Graham’s started bottling wine selected from these barrels under the Six Grapes label. Over a century later, Six Grapes continues to be Graham’s signature reserve port.

Winemaking: Graham’s Six Grapes Reserve Port

Six Grapes typically sees a rather shorter period in wooden barrels than other Reserve Ruby Ports, with their blending team seeking to preserve its youthful, blackberry fruit character and the fresh aromas of cassis and liquorice. After being loaded out of the
Malvedos winery in the Spring following the harvest, the wines travel to Graham’s cask lodge in Vila Nova de Gaia where they will typically spend between one or two years in seasoned wooden barrels or vats before being incorporated into the Six Grapes lot ready for bottling. Their blending team is careful to try to match as closely as possible the new blend to the previous one so that the consumer can be certain that their favourite bottle of Six Grapes always maintains its outstanding level of quality. Once in bottle, the wine is ready to drink and does not require further ageing.

Six Grapes is bottled ready to drink and is best served slightly chilled between 12-16º Celsius. Once open consume within 6-8
weeks. Store upright.

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