Egri Voros Harmonia Red


  • Grape : Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Menoire, Blauburger
  • Country : Hungary, Eger
  • Type : Red
  • ABV : 14 %

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Tasting notes: Egri Harmonia Red

Its flavour and fragrance present the fruitiness and sour-cherry aroma of the harmoniously married Blauburger, Menoire and Merlot which is perfectly accompanied by the spiciness and fiery character of Cabernet Sauvignon.

Food Pairing: Egri Harmonia Red

A perfect accompaniment to pizza and pastas, reliable everyday drinking.


The Egri Korona Borház (Crown Wine House of Eger) can be found right in the middle of the wine-growing region of Eger, next to the thermal hot spring of Egerszalók. A family owned vineyard where vines are grown on the slopes next to the thermal springs, the family also grows mushrooms and make their own barrels from Hungarian oak. The Leanyka grape is particularly planted in Eger, originating from Transylvania and brought to Hungary at the end of the 19th century.

The ripe and healthy grape clusters are harvested and put into plastic cases. In order to ensure careful processing, the grape clusters are carried to the wine production plant in the cases. The total storage capacity of the winery is 15,000 hl.

From the crushing and destemming machines, the grapes move via chutes to the fermentation tanks thus – making maximum use of gravitation – the berries are processed by using the latest technology. A part of the berries is fermented in French-style wooden barrels, while the remaining fruit in new chrome steel containers. The fermenting and treatment containers have a capacity of 300 hl, 250 hl, 100 hl, respectively, and the winery also possesses a unique 900 hl blender tank.

They apply controlled fermentation in our chrome steel tanks. The grape juice is obtained by using 3 portable pneumatic presses. The plant also has a fermentation cellar of an area of 1420 m2, currently with 1500 new barrique barrels. The cellar system consists of 5 cellar branches, each of 50 m in length and 5 m in width, which are connected via a connecting branch. The temperature in the cellar is 11-13°C all year round. The walls are covered by tufa stone powder.

The fermentation cellar can hold a total of about 2700 barrels, each having a
capacity of 225 litres. Four lines of barrels can be stacked on top of each other. The barrels are made of split and ‘medium’ or ‘light’ toasted oak. There is also a barrel washer in the cellar and there are two separate storage rooms for the bottle fermentation of the best wines.