Chateau Megyer Harslevelu


  • Grape : Harslevelu
  • Country : Hungary, Tokaj
  • Type : White
  • ABV : 13.5%

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Tasting notes: Chateau Megyer Harslevelu

A dry wine with honey flower, herbaceous and slightly smokey characteristics, with good acidity & slightly higher alcohol.

Food Pairing: Chateau Megyer Harslevelu

Great aperitif, chicken or veal & with Indian or asian spiced food. Suitable for vegetarians


Chateau Megyer is located in the Tokaji producing region in north-eastern Hungary at the foothills of the Zemplen mountains. The chalky soils and old-fashioned, small-scale methods of production give this wine unique notes with an exotic style and texture. Hárslevelű pronouned Harsh-level-loo, meaning linden-leaf in Hungarian. Suited to bottle ageing.The Hárslevelű could easily stand up to a high quality unoaked Chardonnay.