Botas de Barro Rueda Verdejo


  • Grape : Verdejo
  • Country : Spain, Rueda
  • Type : White
  • ABV : 12.5%

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Tasting notes: Botas de Barro Rueda Verdejo

Crisp, fresh and extremely aromatic dry white that expresses all the character and elegance of the Rueda region. Light straw colour with slight green hints reflects its youth. On the palate, it is intense, and bright with good well balanced acidity.


Food match: Botas de Barro Rueda Verdejo

Fish and Chips, Goes amazing with local mussels and fresh salads. Ideal as an aperitif.


Producer & Region:

Coming from an industrial city in the north of England, you really do not have the opportunity to be in contact with vineyards. When the owner arrived from the city in England to a small grape growing village in the middle of no where, where the entire village owned and worked the vineyards, it was a very positive life changing experience. After lunch in their homes with the family, the farmers would pop into the bar for a coffee before going back to work in the land. Being the only woman was interesting. Being the only person in the entire bar that didn’t have big dirty boots on was an experience that has etched the image of worn boots in my mind from that time. She got to know the farmers and their incredible vineyards and she always wondered, how many pairs of boots have the generations of grape growers used so that we can sit here and enjoy these wines?

Today, Botas de Barro is a range of wines that represents all the effort that the farmers in many parts of Spain have made so we can enjoy these great wines. We have travelled all over Spain looking for incredible people, incredible region and above all incredible people.  Together with the farmers and our winemaker Alvaro Martin, we have created a range of wines that pays tribute to the generations of grape growers that have nurtured these incredible vines.

With each bottle of BOTAS DE BARRO, we raise our glass and thank the many farmers who have worked tirelessly to nature these very special vines that today allow us to make this range of quality wines.

Vineyards: Old bush vines. No irrigation, planted in sandy with  limestone soils rich in calcium and magnesium with high pebble content. The process makes a very well drained and aired. The gravelly soils are the best soils for the Verdejo grape varietal

Winemaking:- Hand harvest early morning with a cool initial maceration, press and fermentation at cool temperatures. No oak.