Baglietti No. 7 Rose Spumante


  • Grape : Blend
  • Country : Italy,
  • Type : Rose Sparkling
  • ABV : 12.5%

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Product Description

Tasting notes: Baglietti No. 7 Rose Spumante

Baglietti  No. 7 Rose Spumante. What a bottle!!! Lovely salmon colour with fine and prolonged perlage in the glass. Elegant floral notes on the nose, well balanced palate with small red fruit flavours and persistent duration in the mouth. It is an ecological spumante rose with a rich scent from white peach, citrus and summer berries. The taste is elegant and dry with elements of raspberry, citrus and almond. A well-balanced acid combined with a dry finish gives the wine wonderful fullness.


Drink as an aperitif or simply with friends.


Marco Baglietti worked in the hills surrounding Veneto for 45 years. In many ways he embodied the professional know-how we strive for at Baglietti. The name is a tribute to Marco’s legacy.

Making wine is an endless process. It’s all about creating, trying and trying again. To keep track we use numbers or names to tell them apart. Some bottles are released at once, some never see sunlight and others are kept in small quantities as reference for future releases. The only ones who know what the numbers and names stand for are them. And it will remain that way.

However, legend has it that the wines’ names are inspired by addresses along a certain Treviso village street where important decisions regarding the wine house’ future have been made. One decision at number 5, one at number 6, one at number 7 and another one at number 10.

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