How long have you worked at Vinomondo?

1 year and 3 months.

What is your favourite thing about working at Vinomondo?

It is a great little place to work at, everyone is friendly and helpful. The wine tastings are fantastic, as not only are you getting to taste some fabulous wines from all over the world, you also get to learn something new all the time.

Vinomondo is great at giving advice, what is your speciality knowledge area?

I wouldn’t say I have any speciality knowledge when it comes to advice. I feel like I know a little about a lot of things in the shop. Everyday day is like a school day at Vinomondo, you are always learning something new.

Top 3 drinks to recommend to Vinomondo customers?

Millefiori, red from Italy.

Bowl grabber, white from Portugal.

17, red from Spain.

What is your most favourite thing to purchase from the shop?

Wine! I really like Portuguese wine.

What is the most recent thing you purchased from the shop? (At the time of answering this)

Cicada, an easy drinking white from France.

What time of year is your favourite to work in the shop?

Christmas and when the beer garden is open as it is busy.

Thank you Tracey!

Next time you see Tracey in the shop don’t forget to ask her about her Portuguese wine recommendations.