Hello and welcome to our “Meet the Team” blog series we hope you enjoy!. 

Name: Well hello, my name is Carol

How long have you worked at Vinomondo?

I have been enjoying myself working at Vinomondo for about 3 years now.

What is your favourite thing about working at Vinomondo?

We are fortunate to have many staff wine tastings, indeed I have tasted most of the wines we sell in the shop! Nothing pleases me more than buying those that impressed me and doing my own food pairing!

Vinomondo is great at giving advice, what is your speciality knowledge area?

I have been advising about wine, mostly through wine bars and restaurants, since I was sweet sixteen, we didn’t bother so much about Licensing Laws in the 70’s! So I feel confident in helping our customers in their choices, often suggesting food pairings or persuading to try something different.

Top 3 drinks to recommend to Vinomondo customers?

  • Uva Non Grata – A French, fruity, off dry white Order Here
  • Three Thieves Pinot Noir – From California
  • Zola – A beautiful Aglianico from Australia

What is your most favourite thing to purchase from the shop?

Far too many favourite things to buy in the shop but my current desirable bottle is a rich white wine from Northern Rhone ~ Fleur de Roc

What is the most recent thing you purchased from the shop? (At the time of answering this)

Piper Hiedseick Essential Champagne, for a birthday celebration Order Here

What time of year is your favourite to work in the shop?

I am so lucky in my job and am grateful to be expanding my knowledge every day. Cheers!

Thank you Carol!

Next time you see Carol in the shop tap into her fountain of knowledge and leave with something delicious to drink.